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Treasure Hunting The Top 20th and 21st Century U.S. Coins


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This book covers the top coins for each series. In the Introduction of each series presents the history of the series, lists the rare dates, and covers all hot topics. For example, included in the Lincoln cents: the refuted 1951-D/S and 1952-D/S; 1964 SMS; 1922 No D; 1990 No S Proof; 1943 Bronze cent; 1944 Steel cent; and 1974 Aluminum cent. The die variety section for each series lists the top overdates, doubled dies, RPMs, OMMs, and clashed varieties. For some series such as the Peace Dollars, other types of the varieties covered include major die cracks and other types of varieties. Each variety includes a detailed description, all die stages and diagnostics, and pricing; many include additional comments that present information about the variety, how it was made, or pertinent facts that can assist in understanding more about the variety. Each part of the variety is shown in detailed macro photographs making identification simple. Many of the macro-photographs in this book for the die varieties are second to none and some of these varieties are listed in no other books.

This book is an accumulation of over 65 years of die variety analysis and photography by two of the top specialists. Wexler is sometimes referred to as the father of the modern die variety. He began publishing Error-Variety News in 1978 and was instrumental in the creation of CONECA. John has written many books and since 1997, he has done a monthly column called Varieties Notebook in Coin World magazine. John is recognized as one of the top macro-photographers in the field, especially on proof die varieties. Flynn started writing numismatic books around 1990 and has since written 52 coin books, covering many U.S. coin series, including the majority of the 20th century series. The majority of these books present the die varieties for the series; with many also covering the national archive records, historical information, design and other changes, and any of the fascinating stories and lure of a series. Both Flynn and Wexler have strived to do a full and complete analysis of each of the die varieties, including whether they are valid, such as the refuted 1914/3 Buffalo nickel.

Edition: First
Publication Date: September 2017
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 644

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