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Grading Guide for Early American Coppers


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AUTHOR/EDITOR: William R. Eckberg; Robert L. Fagaly; Dennis E. Fuoss; Raymond J. Williams
ISBN 13: 9780615911861
ISBN 10: 0615911862
EAN: 9780615911861
BARCODE: 9780615911861
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Finally, the definitive reference book that explains the mysteries of EAC grading with detailed descriptions and full color pictures!

Because copper coins were the money of the people and (unlike gold coins) were heavily used in commerce, because they are heavy and soft, and because copper is more reactive to oxidation than silver or gold, they received more wear and damage than early gold and silver coins. Because their relative value did not fluctuate like that of gold and silver coins, they were less subject to mass meltings during their time of circulation. Thus, many stayed in circulation until they were unrecognizable due to wear or corrosion. Yet, because these coins were the money of the fledgling United States, and because the insults that plagued them add to their charm, the collectors of early copper are among the most dedicated and involved in all of numismatics.

Nevertheless, the different grading standards early copper specialists use from the commercial standards in the rest of US numismatics, and the different way they account for damage to coins from that used by the rest of numismatics adds an extra level of complexity and concern for those who might wish to collect these endlessly fascinating coins. This book addresses that complexity and concern by thoroughly describing the grading standards and processes used by specialists in the field and comparing them to the commercial standards and processes used in the rest of numismatics, with the goal of making copper collecting easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling for all.

Features include:

  • An introduction to the Early American Coppers and Colonial Coin Club organizations;
  • The history of coin grading and its evolution to commercial grading;
  • A list of popular copper specialist books and reference guides;
  • Guidelines for proper handling and storage of early copper coins;
  • A chapter on EAC Grading guidelines and how to net grade early copper coins;
  • Authentication of early copper coins;
  • Grading of Confederation era coppers;
  • Grading of Half Cents including full-color images and robust descriptions series-by-series and grade-by-grade;
  • Grading of Large Cents including full-color images and robust descriptions series-by-series and grade-by-grade;
  • A chapter on pricing that explores the relationships between coin condition, commercial pricing, EAC pricing, condition census and provenance;
  • An appendix on Large Cent Sheldon and Newcomb varieties;
  • An extensive glossary explaining the meaning of numerous terms prevalent in the world of Early American Coppers; and
  • Much, much more!
    Binding: Hardcover
    Edition: First
    Issue Date: May 5, 2014
    Size: 8.5x11
    Pages: 192

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