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A Decade of Top 100 Insights


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The book is a compilation of the last 10 years of Rare Coin Investments' Top 100 Insights and Value Guide quarterly newsletter. It includes the first Fall, 1997 Value Guide with prices for Top 100 Morgan dollars as well as a current Value Guide to compare how prices of Top 100 coins have changed over the past decade since publication of the Top 100 book.

A Decade of Top 100 Insights offers wisdom, experience and knowledge from the world’s most recognized experts on the subject of Morgan and Peace dollars. According to Jeff Oxman, Founding President of the SSDC, “Peruse the pages of this book, and you’ll get a glimpse of VAM history unfolding before your eyes!”

Noted author Bill Fivaz states “Michael Fey has put his considerable talents to work in assembling all the pertinent data to make your quest for those elusive VAMs as easy as can be”. Leroy Van Allen advises, “This book is a ‘must buy’ for all silver dollar collectors and dealers”.

The book offers digital images of new discoveries, ultra rare 8TF varieties, attribution guides to 1878-s B1 reverse (long nocks), 1888-O Oval O’s, 1899-O “micro o” varieties, and Hot 50 and Top 50 varieties. Also provided are several Condition Census (Top 6 certified coins), population reports and analyses, reportes on new record prices, and insights into the best Top 100 varieties in the most optimal grades for both collecting and investing.

Through such guest writers as Leroy Van Allen, Jeff Oxman, Bill Fivaz, Larry Briggs, Mark Kimpton, M.D., John Roberts, David Wang, Ph.D., Lewis Rosenbaum, and Craig Lichenbrock, the book provides new information, new perspectives and plenty of good advice from experts in their silver dollar specialties who share insights into this burgeoning area of collecting.

This book will help you learn:
- About new rare and desirable Top 100s and other new discoveries
- All about 1878 8-TF varieties, the "Caviar of Morgan Dollars"
- Which silver dollar varieties are the rarest and most desirable
- How to attribute various 1878-S B1 Reverses and 1888-O Oval O and 1899-O Micro O varieties
- About rare silver dollar variety populatios and Condition Census coins
- Important insights into the silver dollar variety market, collecting and investing
- Key information about record prices and the historical values of silver dollar varieties
- How to find new VAMs and publicize your silver dollar discoveries
- How to get in the VAM Hall of Fame
- Insights from world-class silver dollar variety experts, and so much more...

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: June 2008
Size: 3.75x6
Pages: 137

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