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Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Stamp Catalogue: King Edward VII-George VI


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This multi-award winning catalogue 14th Edition is the standard reference work for specialist collectors of the popular ‘Four Kings’ period of British philately, from 1902 to 1952.

Key Features:
  • Builds on the work of a succession of expert philatelists and editors who have co-operated to produce a reference book of world-renowned excellence.
  • Hardcover binding gives improved durability.
  • Published in colour for the first time, improving attractiveness and ease of identification.
  • The introduction to the King George V section, detailing the sequence of events which led up to the Downey and Profile Heads has been completely rewritten by Douglas Muir, with comprehensive new tables listing the many trials and essays produced in the process.
  • The perforation types of the King George V letterpress definitive have been revised with new listings of Control varieties.
  • New sections have been added, in particular those listing the various essays for the King Edward VIII definitives and the artwork, proofs and colour trials for the Postage Due stamps.
  • Booklet pane precancels listings have been extended and updated by Ian Harvey and the Seahorses have received similar attention from Bryan Kearsley.
  • Many new trials, proofs and essays now listed following the sale of major collections and the release of Imprimatur material by the BPMA and the Archive of former Royal Mint engraver, HA Richardson.
  • Essays, trials and proof material has been listed and priced in the Booklet section for the first time.
  • The listing of the controversial 1d. Die 1A Downey Head, perf 14, has been reviewed in the light of new research and has been reintroduced into the catalogue as ‘a stamp of proof status’.
  • New listings will be found throughout the catalogue in the form of Specimens, Controls Edward VII shades and plate flaws.
  • The whole catalogue has been extensively repriced in line with the current market, while the relative scarcities of material in popular fields such as shades, controls and booklets have been reassessed, with sharp increases to former ‘sleepers’ and many previously unpriced items now given values for the first time.
  • Improved layout makes navigation around the catalogue much easier.
  • Probably the most extensively revised edition of this title in the 48 years it has now been in print.
Detailed Contents:
  • This multi-award winning catalogue is the standard reference work for specialist collectors of the popular ‘Four Kings’ period of British philately, from 1902 to 1952.
  • Background information given for all issues, with full details of plate markings, sheet arrangements, inks, papers and shades, with helpful guidance on identification.
  • Essays, proofs and colour trials listed and priced.
  • Many plate flaws illustrated and priced and numerous shades, not listed in the Great Britain Concise Catalogue, also priced mint and used.
  • Detailed listings of control numbers and marginal plate markings provided for the specialist.
  • Helpful checklists relate specialised numbers to standard Stanley Gibbons numbers, as given in the Concise Catalogue.
  • Booklet panes, postage dues, officials and Channel Island occupation issues all fully listed.
  • Appendixes cover perforators, booklets, specimen overprints, protective underprints and inland postage rates.
  • Extensive bibliography.
  • Prices are given for mounted, unmounted and fine used examples for the period from 1902 to 1935 and for unmounted and used thereafter. On cover prices are also given for Edward VII issues.
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: 14th
Publication Date: 2015
Size: 7x9.8
Pages: 336

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