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Lindner ERNI Self-Adhesive Stamp Remover


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MADE IN: Germany
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ERNI Products from Lindner help retain the collector or dealer improve the value and condition of used stamps. Use ERNI Self-Adhesive Stamp Remover to remove self-adhesive stamps from covers, postcards and cardboard.

Manufacturer's Use and Handling Instructions:

How to use: Briefly shake container and pour straight into appropriate dish without diluting it. Fully submerge stamp or part of letter in ERNI solvent for self-adhesive stamps. In most cases, the self-adhesive gum will dissolve within 15 minutes. After the treatment of the stamps, rinse in the water dish and dry as usual.  We accept no liability for water sensitive stamps.

Note: In some severe cases, e.g. MI/D/MH 27 we recommend leaving the stamps in the solution for approximately 24 hours. After this, wipe away the gum with a clean cloth (paper towel) using light pressure. The efficacy of this solution does not extend to all self-adhesive stamps printed.

Important: After use, do not pour the used liquid back into the bottle.

Tip: The self-adhesive stamp “Oesterreichische Alpenblume” (Austrian alpine flowers) 22/7/05. The issuer of this stamp recommends using nail varnish remover. (No liability assumed)

Keep out of children’s reach. Read identification label before use. If inhaled, can cause allergy, asthma type symptoms or breathing difficulties. Avoid inhaling fumes. Can cause allergic skin reaction. Wear gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection / face protection. If medical help is necessary, keep identification label and packaging at hand. Disposal of contents and the container according to local/regional/national/international regulations.

General note: Immediately dispose of any garments which may have been in contact with the solution. If inhaled: In case of breathing difficulties get fresh air and assume a position that facilitates breathing. Get plenty of fresh air and consult a doctor. In case of skin contact: Immediately wash out with soap and water, rinse well. In case of eye irritation: Rinse well for several minutes under running water with eye lids open and consult a doctor. If possible, remove contact lenses and continue rinsing. If swallowed: Immediately consult a doctor.

Ingredients: pancreatin, 1,1’-Methylenebis [3-(1-hyroxymehtyl-2,4-dioximidazolidin-5-yl) uric acid]

Size: 8 fluid ounces (250ml)
Safety Data Sheet: Safety Data Sheet

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